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Today the Library is open twenty-four hours.

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  Sterne Library News
Thursday, February 23, 6:00 p.m.
Lister Hill Library
Freedom Riders
Mr. Charles Person
Mr. William Harbour

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ccess to Second
and Third Floors
The third floor is now completely open to the public. The second floor reading room (southeast area) will be open until late February when it will get new carpeting. However, access to the second floor reading room is limited to the southeast stairwell at this time. We appreciate your patience!

ew Resources
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ollaborative Space
Due to construction on the second floor, collaborative space is at a premium. The third floor and southeast corner of the first floor will remain quiet zones for our patrons who need quiet study space. Please respect your fellow students and researchers and use the first floor common area and any remaining area on the second floor for collaborative study. Thank you!

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