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Study Carrels


Daily study carrels are available to current UAB students, faculty, and staff.

Long-term carrels are available to current UAB faculty, graduate students, and students with disabilities. Due to limited availability, all carrel assignments are checked out by term on a semester-by-semester basis. Overdue fines will be charged at a rate of ten dollars ($10) per day. A completed Library Carrel Application form is required to check out a long-term carrel. This form may be picked up in person at the Circulation Desk, or it may be printed.


Anyone wishing to use a Library carrel is required to agree to these rules.
  1. A VALID UAB ID is required to check out carrel.

  2. Study carrels are limited to one person. The third floor is a Quiet Zone, so any noise should be minimal. Group study rooms are also available on the first and second floors for collaborative learning.

  3. Use of devices that may disturb others in adjacent carrels is not permitted. You may use headphones.

  4. Walls, furnishings, and glass must not be defaced. No pictures or other items may be attached to the walls or structure. Windows and /or door glass must not be covered in any way.

  5. Messages will not be delivered to carrels by Library Staff.

  6. All University of Alabama at Birmingham buildings are nonsmoking areas. UAB Policy.

  7. All library books kept in the carrel must be checked out to you via the Circulation Desk (first floor). Any library books not checked out to you will be removed and returned to the shelves.

  8. Periodicals and other non-circulating materials, including reference books, may be in your carrel only when you are present. These are not to be left in your carrel when you are absent. Such material will be removed and returned to the shelves.

  9. Loss of a key will incur a replacement charge of twenty-five dollars ($25).

  10. The maximum fine for a key being returned late is fifty dollars ($50). Once the maximum fine is reached the Library may take additional action to address any abuse which may include the lost of carrel privileges.

  11. Inspections will be made periodically by the Circulation Department staff. A notice describing any violation will be placed in the carrel where it occurred. You are required to acknowledge such notices. Three violations during an assignment period or failure to respond to a notice will result in forfeiture of the carrel.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please call the Circulation Desk at 205 934 4338.