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Instructional Support

You already know Sterne Library is a great place to research, but did you know that the Reference Librarians offer instructional support for your class? We can help you by providing information literacy instruction, supporting your FYE course, or even helping you set up your Blackboard page.

Here are the ways that Sterne Library can support your instruction. For more information, please contact either your Subject Specialist Librarian or the Reference Librarian for Instruction and Outreach, Delores Carlito.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is learning through reflection of doing. You can find experiential learning resources for students and faculty at this guide.

Frequently-Requested Handouts

You are encouraged to use any of our research guides in classes. The following handouts are frequently requested by faculty for class use.

FYE Support

This guide lists ways librarians can assist you with incorporating research and information literacy skills into your FYE course.

Information Literacy and Library Instruction

The Information Literacy Instruction Program at the Mervyn H. Sterne Library is designed to help UAB students master the wide range of print and electronic sources now available so that they can complete more thoughtful, interesting, and scholarly research assignments. The program is aimed at helping students develop the skills necessary for coping with increasing amounts of information and for becoming independent, life-long learners.

Integrating Sterne Library Resources into Your Online Course

The Reference Librarians can help you locate and organize information for your in-person or online course. Besides linking to the Mervyn H. Sterne Library on your Blackboard page, you can also link to articles, online books, videos, images, music, research guides, or course reserves.

Research Guides

We have many guides in print and online to help your students with research. Several of these guides are course-specific and available on the Sterne Library home page under research guides.

Research Tools

Research Tools is a one-stop page for your students' research. The Undergraduate Research Toolkit is particularly helpful to students who are not used to college-level research.

Student Consultations

We offer Research Paper Consultations and Citation Consultations for students. These one-hour, one-on-one consultations are aimed at either locating resources for a student's topic or formatting their bibliography and in-text citations.

Web-based Interactive Tutorial

WIT is an interactive tutorial that covers researching in the library from selecting a topic to completing a paper. You can assign the entire tutorial or choose your topic from the list of instructional objectives. It has a final quiz, and the quiz results can be e-mailed to you.