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Instruction to Area Schools

Librarians at the Mervyn H. Sterne Library recognize the library's importance in the progress of responsible citizenship , local education, and culture. We encourage students to develop research skills before admission to college. Therefore, to promote information literacy, higher education, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, we offer instruction to area schools.

We are eager to collaborate with your school on projects, papers, and activities. In order to make your students' time at our library more rewarding, we encourage you to schedule a library instruction session. We are happy either to come to your school for the instruction or set up a time for you and your students to visit our library.

If you would like to set up a time to visit Sterne Library or would like a librarian to visit you, please review the information bel ow and contact either Dana Hettich or Peggy Kain at 934-6364.

Library Instruction Checklist

The Mervyn H. Sterne Library is a complex information system designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s students, faculty, and staff, along with the local community. In order to make your students’ time at the library more rewarding, we ask that you:
  • Contact the Student Success Librarian, Dana Hettich (, or the Reference Librarian for Education, Peggy Kain (, prior to your visit. Both can be reached at (205) 934-6364;

  • Arrange for a teacher or librarian pre-visit consultation either on-site or via the telephone to allow us to tailor the instruction to your students’ needs and topics; and

  • Arrange for appropriate adult supervision.

  • If you come to Sterne Library, remain with the students at all times while in the library. Following bibliographic instruction, the class may pursue individual research topics under the guidance of their teacher.

  • If we come to you, please make sure that you have the following in your instruction room:

    • a computer with an Internet connection,

    • a projector connected to the computer, and

    • a screen or large area where the instruction can be projected.

Practical Information about Visiting the Library

Mervyn H. Sterne Policy for Library Use by High School and Middle/Junior High School Students

Effective July 1, 2013, public computer access will be limited to authorized guests. Authorized guests include high school students with a valid Sterne Library Courtesy Card or Friends of Sterne Library with an active Friends Card.

The following guidelines maximize the research experience for visiting groups and/or individuals while minimizing the inconvenience to UAB students, faculty, and staff. By following these guidelines, students can have a productive visit to the Library.

  • Individual students may come in during library hours to use the print resources. Groups larger than four students should inform the library before they arrive and should schedule a library instruction session.
  • Public computer access is limited to high school students with an active Courtesy Card. Adults who accompany the class should be prepared to assist students with their work. Outside users may be asked to relinquish their computers when there is a significant demand by UAB students.
  • High school students may request reference desk assistance on an individual basis. However, due to demands on the reference librarian's time by our primary users, the amount of support they can provide to high school students may be limited. Students in groups are encouraged to schedule an instruction session.
  • Courtesy cards with circulation privileges may be granted to Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate high school students upon request of their teacher and library media specialist, contingent on approval from the Head of Circulation. Please contact Dana Hettich ( with any questions. Students are free to use book resources within the library and are encouraged to use copiers and scanners if they need to take information from the library.
  • High school and middle/junior high school students are guests in the Sterne Library. Should they misbehave, mistreat books or equipment, or break any other library rules, the staff may call security and the student's right to use the library may be revoked. For specific Sterne Library policies regarding cell phone use, Internet and computer use, and access to electronic resources, please see our policies page at
  • The Mervyn H. Sterne Library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or problems of a medical nature.

Delores Carlito, Reference Librarian for Instruction and Outreach
Updated 12/16