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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Below is a list (with descriptions and links) of pages with answers to frequently asked questions about the library.

Library Hours and Calendar
Regular and extended hours for the academic year.
Names, titles, phone numbers and (most) e-mail addresses of the library staff members, along with "Frequently Called Numbers." Names are listed alphabetically and by department.
Quick Facts: Library Information Questions and Answers
Answers to such questions as:
-- how do I check out materials?
-- how do I find library materials?
-- where are things located in the library?
-- what is ETS?
-- how do I make copies?
-- what if the library doesn't have the book or article I need?
-- where's a good place to study in the library?
-- what about services to patrons with physical disabilities?
-- does the library offer instruction or tours?
-- are there other libraries on the UAB campus?
-- what if I have other questions?
Sterne Library Maps
A UAB campus map with driving directions, and maps of all three floors of the library. Our mailing address and street address are included.
Library Terminology
Definitions of over seventy words and phrases, like "OPAC" and "Boolean searching" and "SCOTTY."
History of Sterne Library
A brief account of our years since the Library opened in 1969.
Friends of Sterne Library
A support group for promoting and developing the library.
Faculty Grants for Collection Development
UAB faculty members may apply for a grant to add new items to the library's collection. Application guidelines and a model proposal are included.
Displays and Exhibits
There's lots of art in the Library. Recent exhibits have included Beauty of Nature, Spain, Japan, Wonders of the World and Banned Books.
The Library newsletter (in PDF format).

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